Hair Business Starter

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Hair Business Starter

Please email to purchase

( [email protected] )

Vendors list plus personal guided help from Milani herself
For Over 7 years Milani has been in business with no outside training she taught herself the game and now she can help you!

Vendors list
Will be sent to the email you enter at time of check out

Also please put your correct number in so Milani can contact you

a one on one detailed meeting for help on how to get started will be set up

If your serious about this you will succeed with her guided help

She goes over:
Contacting vendors
Dealing with clients
Picture advertising
LLC help
Tax help
And so much more!

This is not a one time offer she will help you for however long needed

She will be your personal guide to everything hair related

Milanis personal number will be given to contact her anytime as well


6 bundles included
3 for you
3 to make your first sale!

Please keep in mind for local clients if the 6 bundles are not on hand they will be ordered for you